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Original Large Scale Abstract Art for your Home or Commercial Space by Australian Artists Nicole Baker & Jessica Skye Baker

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Artist Nicole Baker

You must be BRAVE in your choices of STYLE and allow your own narratives for artist Nicole Baker’s work

Nicole is a passionate creative. Art has been with her all her life thanks to growing up in a very creative household. With her expert industry knowledge and academic art background she is currently working on an abstract series that can inspire the imagination of any age.

There is nothing ‘real’ or ‘concrete’ in Nicole’s acrylic, oil and water colour paintings. Everything is imagined; her use of bold shapes, line and vivid pops of colour have the intention to be interpreted differently by each viewer. Her interactive paintings are full of excitement and boundless energy; they can adorn the walls of kids’ bedrooms, be a conversation starter in a living room or create a high-end designer ambience in many other spaces.

Nicole’s large-scale artworks are the true definition of spontaneous mark making. Her art speaks for itself with bold intention and interior design qualities but it allows the collector total ownership over their own narratives of each piece.

Live your days being HAPPY – Do what you LOVE and take the time to EMBRACE IT – Artist Nicole Baker

Nicole Baker’s work is popular with collectors from all over Australia. She continually updates her collections with new pieces and welcomes commissions.

Nicole Baker
Abstract Artist

Artist Jessica Skye Baker

Jessica Skye Baker

Resin & Watercolour Artist

Artist Jessica Skye Baker has demonstrated through countless successful sales both nationally and internationally that her work offers something unique in the art world. Born in 1988, Jessica gravitated towards abstract art as a means of artistic expression. Creating vivid blasts of colour and compositions that combine the organic and inorganic shapes around us, Jessica shares with us her love of art and life. True to her nature she is not bound by any particular medium or style but you can draw connections to her work when you see her bold use of colour and huge scale artworks.

Featured artist on The Block Channel 9


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